Saturday, August 8, 2015

Travel: The Lizard Chronicles

Everyone has their hobbies-painting, photography, writing, Disney princesses. And I have lizards.

As I am aiming for this to be a travel blog, let me share with you my prided Lizard Chronicles from around the world!!! I'm on a world tour to find more lizards. I hope I get to go to somewhere exotic again soon.

Lizards are just so great. How could you not love them? So tiny and lithe on their feet.

I remember one afternoon in Honolulu, trying to catch geckos in a back yard, but I'm sure that the one lizard I did catch went and told all his friends that I was on the hunt. But I just wanted to be friends, and love them! I told them that, but they still ran away. No matter, because I've gotten to hold lots of lizard friends since.

Lizard Chronicles:

                                                                        Laie, Hawaii

St. George, Utah

Asuncion, Paraguay

You know why I love lizards so much? Cause they eat bugs, that's why. What noble little creatures. If you have a lizard story, picture, know where to find cool lizards, or have a cool fact about lizards, please share. I'm sure it could benefit everyone. Have a wonderful day!