Sunday, November 29, 2015

Paper Planes

I used to love school, and I'm sure I still do. But for the most part, I just love learning. There are many ways to learn. You can sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher at the front.  You can do research and read. Or you can go do. 

I love traveling and I can never get enough. Ever since I graduated high school, I move around frequently.  I want to see and experience and to know and to grow.

It's hard to go to school when I want to be in Paraguay teaching and applying what I know. It's hard to be in school when I just want to be paid to go to South Korea.

I am doing amazing things now. I'm in Hawaii,  and I have an amazing job tutoring students and writing English content for a big project. I'm excited for the experience and for the opportunities that will give me. But I'm also excited for the next time I get on a plane.

Life is big and life is full of potential.  It's amazing how I got to be here in Hawaii, with a new husband. It's nice living with your best friend who loves the things you do and supports you. Now let's get ready for our next plane ride, Mikey!