Monday, December 28, 2015


Life is too short to sit and watch Netflix all the time, play crossy road, and scroll on Facebook all day. Even though I do enjoy these activities, I want to do more.

In today's world, we have so much time on our hands. It's hard to know what to do with it, and it's easy to waste these precious hours.

It's so easy to let our time slip away in meaningless pursuits. We all have dreams, but often we don't put the effort into achieving them. Instead, we let our days pass us by in a monotonous fashion: always scrolling, always pinning, feeling good about the "likes" we got for that cute picture:

People mourn about the goals they don't reach, and the things that they don't have. What we need to realize, is that we have the potential to do anything. If you want to write a book, you can. If you want to invent a cure to cat allergies, you can. If you want to write songs, you can. If you want to do well in your field, you can.

All it takes is time set aside each day, or each week. Discipline and concentration. Instead of wishing you could do something, just do. 

Stop dreaming, and do. 

I want to write. I decided that I wanted to write today, so I sat down and prepared myself. I didn't let any distractions get in the way. It amazes me how much I can accomplish in a few hours. And it feels good to create. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride in the things you can create yourself.

Instead of ambling away my time, my goal is to create. This includes creating memories. Life is better with a project-with purpose, with goals.

So, here is my bucket-list of some things that I want to do. Some of them may seem silly, but imagination makes life more exciting.

1. Have a chocolate day
2. Run through a field of flowers
3. Eat ice-cream for breakfast
4. Visit London
5. Write a book
6. Start a folk band
7. See the floating lanterns
8. Have a spontaneous holiday
9. Spontaneously fly somewhere for a weekend
10. Film an episode of a "cooking show" with weird ingredients
11. Collect nativities from all over the world
12. Buy someone's meal for them at a restaurant
13. Eat alligator or crocodile
14. Go backpacking
15. See the northern lights
16. See the zodiacal light
17. Eat in the Space Needle restaurant
18. Cover the library or the school in army men
19. Swim with dolphins
20. Teach English in different countries
21. Walk on the beach in the moonlight
22. Go to Yellowstone National Park
23. Be in culture night at BYU Hawaii
24. Learn Spanish
25. Have a midnight feast
26. Make a Pride and Prejudice dress
27. Go to a legitimate concert
28. Learn to do a turn while roller-skating
29. Crochet scarves for the homeless/panhandlers
30. Surprise random people with flowers
31. Be in a movie
32. Walk in a marsh in Scotland
33. Eat chocolate in Switzerland
34. Go to a castle in Germany
35. Make paper cranes from good memories and hang them on the ceiling
36. Host a fancy dinner party
37. Have a tea party
38. Learn to make a daisy chain
39. Watercolor at the beach
40. Attend a Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
41. Make good food sculptures
42. Have a teddy bear picnic
43. Go on a roof or up high, and drop candy or paper flowers down to the people below
44. Take pictures in the Salt Flats
45. Create a good board game/card game
46. Learn how to become good at archery
47. Go shooting
48. Find the best root-beer in the world
49. Learn to tango
50. Make a really good scavenger hunt, with a background story

Stop dreaming, and do.