Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Words in the Velvet Night

I sit outside as the storm rumbles around me. I am in a bubble of music. It surrounds me, and the world cannot touch me. I am in my personal eye in the storm. I don’t think about the words, I just let them flow. I feel as if the water cannot touch me here, though I can feel it heavy in my hands. The air is heavy with wetness, and it wraps itself around me. The droplets cannot touch me, however. Sometimes I just want to sit and watch the shadows pass forever. I wish that I could make life pause, and just sit and ponder in the velvety night. The night sky is comforting. It is soft, a multi-layered fabric of purple hues. The lightening plays across the sky, lighting it up in dazzling flashes. I wish I could capture this moment, and stay in this bubble of time. The music surrounds me, even as the humid air and the calm of darkness is all around me. I want to feel the music. I want it to carry me away with it. I want to capture the night and stay in it forever. I feel so free at night, like I own the world. It is for my quiet contemplation. I can do whatever I wish, with no eyes watching and judging. Everything is softer without the light of day. Nothing can hide from the day light. I love the storms. They wash everything clean. No one wants to go outside, except for me. It is my element, my world. My soul wishes to speak with feeling, but my words are always trapped inside of me. I overthink every word, and they come out gracelessly. My soul longs to speak with music, like never before. I want to be full of feeling and soul. I want to pour my heart out into song. I want to create. I want to paint pictures with my words. But my words fall into my palm, dead and useless, one by one. I wish I could sit here and endlessly watch the clouds float by in the sky. Nature is beautiful and majestic. I will never see something as majestic as God’s creations. I am fascinated. I want to travel the world and witness all of God’s beauty and creations. I don’t know everything, but I do know that God loves me. I don’t want an ordinary life. I want to experience. I want to travel and see. I want to witness the creations and the people. I want to be raw and beautiful.  

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  1. This is the most peaceful, fluid, poetic thing I've ever read.